Chalfont Bed*


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Colours available: Red, orange, sand, yellow, green, light green, dark green, turquoise, sky blue, blue, dark blue, purple, dark pink, pink, white, cream, grey, silver, brown and black.

The Chalfont Safety Bed*

The Chalfont Safety Bed is designed for those who may otherwise injure themselves through disturbed sleep patterns.It has a solid plywood frame which is fully cushioned internally and externally for added safety.

Raised and lowered versions are also available. This is ideal where adjusting height is needed for nurses. The bed is manufatured in 3 standard sizes as well as "custom made".

This bed makes for ideal for night time comfort and peace of mind both for those for whom you care and for staff alike.

The Chalfont Safety Bed is available in a wide variety of colours and clear vision panels can be built into either end, or side walls to help with user vision and staff monitoring.

The Chalfont Safety Bed has a store-easy design for easy self-assembly, and able to be dismantled when not in use. It comes complete with a wheeled trolley and dust cover.  Designed for ward and home use where demand might be occassional and space limited.

The approximate sizes are:

                              Internal           External

Child                     1600 x 760     1900 x 1060

Small Adult            1830 x 800    2130 x 1100

Large Adult            2000 x 900    2300 x 1200 

Please note this product requires delivery and installation by our own engineers. Please call 01284 827467 for further information and to arrange a time best for you.