Servicing / MSR

A Full Service includes

Bubble Tubes

Remove lime-scale from inside the tube

Check and clean pump

Check and clean air lines

Clean and refurbish colour wheel



Strip down and thoroughly clean and check

all internal parts including lenses


Light Sources

Strip down and thoroughly clean and check all internal parts

Including connections and motor

Clean and refurbish colour wheel


Fibre Optic Harnesses


Repair split and frayed ends



Pin Spots and Mirror Balls

Clean and check including connections


Any other items of electrical equipment Including Switching Systems checked cleaned and serviced

Where possible any repairs required (excluding any parts needed)

Repairs unable to be carried out on site will be quoted for separately.



Soft Play

Visually check all stitched seams

Check all wall fixings and glued seams

Thoroughly clean


Water Beds

Drain existing water and refill adding water conditioner

Check all stitched seams

Check hoist access platforms

Thoroughly clean


Any other items of furnishings cleaned and checked


Dust and dirt can seriously shorten the life of your sensory equipment


Please telephone for spares, replacement components and full service contract details on: 01284 826012

Visit our MSR website http://www.msrservice.co.uk/